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Roof Repair
for Columbus, Bexley, Westerville, OH & Beyond

Integrity Roof Services is the local roofing maintenance company for residential and commercial needs in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas. Even a well-maintained roof will someday need to be repaired or replaced, typically within 15 to 30 years after installation. We have been in the roofing business for over 50 years, providing our neighbors and local businesses with quality roofing services ever since! 

Signs You Need Roof Repair Services

Some of the most common signs that your roof needs to be repaired include:

  • Leaks or Water Damage: When roof shingles take enough damage, they will crack or fall off your roof, leaving room for moisture to leak into your attic and ceilings. 

  • Damaged Shingles: Over the years, shingles will begin to crack, curl, blister, and become covered in algae from moisture. This is a sign that your roof is reaching the end of its life span. 

  • Sagging Roof: If your rafters are noticeably sagging, this could indicate a moisture problem with your roof. 

  • Increase in Energy Bill: An increase in your energy bill can indicate that air is escaping your home, possibly through damaged areas in your roof. 

 Roof Repair Technician

I'm Tiffany,
your Integrity Roof Services
roof repair coordinator -
give me a call 614-981-2154

Hiring a professional to handle all your roofing maintenance and repair needs helps you to save time and money. We provide high-quality service with our experienced roofing contractors who use high-quality materials that will endure storms, protect your home and family, and last for years. If you need roof repair services, contact Integrity Roof Services today!

Contact Integrity Roof Services Today!

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