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Rubber Roofing Services
for Bexley, Columbus & Westerville, OH

Commercial buildings have different needs than residential properties when it comes to their roofs. For optimal results, businesses in Bexley, Columbus, Westerville, or the surrounding areas of Ohio should give serious consideration to rubber roofing. Rubber is naturally one of the strongest materials out there. When it is applied to a flat roof, it makes for quite the resilient surface. Integrity Roof Services, Inc. specializes in rubber roofing installation, repair, and maintenance for commercial roofing.


There are three main types of rubber roofing: EPDM, thermoplastic polyolefin (or TPO), and polyvinyl chloride (or PVC). Each comes with its own advantages, but in general you can expect this material to last between thirty and fifty years. The installation process can be completed more quickly and easily than with something like traditional asphalt shingles. If you currently have asphalt, however, there is also the option to place rubber roofing overtop of the existing shingles to serve more as a waterproof membrane. This further reduces the time and labor involved. If you are interested in scheduling a rubber roofing project for your Bexley, Columbus, or Westerville area business, please contact our team about commercial roofing today!

Benefits of Rubber Roofing

Rubber roofing offers three main benefits when compared with competing options:


  • Lifespan: An average house with standard shingles will need to replace its roof every 15-20 years. A high-quality rubber roof will last your business at least twice as long, and with minimal upkeep. In the unlikely event that you do experience a leak, it can be remedied very simply.

  • Weather-Resistance: Rubber is naturally resistant to mold, rust, and moisture. These roofs are less likely to crack under extreme weather conditions or experience the type of water damage that is all too common with flat roofs.

  • Durability: In climates with changing temperatures, some roofing materials may become brittle due to thermal shock. Rubber roofing, however, largely avoids this, thereby minimizing any cyclic fatigue. It is also more able to withstand the UV rays from the sun.

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