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Roof Shingles

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Roof shingles are a versatile roofing choice because they come in a variety of materials, including asphalt and metal, among other options. Shingles also come in different looks, including the most common Architectural shingles, but also 3-tab and other options. With Ohio’s freezing temperatures in the winter and potentially oppressive hot summers, you and your home need a roof that will withstand it all.

There are several benefits to having shingle roofing installed, including:

  • Lightweight Material: Shingles are often made from asphalt or wood, typically cedar wood, which are both lightweight roofing materials. This decreases the amount of pressure and weight your house or building experiences, especially with rain and snowfall. However, metal shingles can also be chosen for increased durability.

  • Design & Color Options: Shingle roofing has the most color and design options among roofing materials. The homeowner or commercial property owner can decide which color and type of shingle design would work best for their home.

  • Accommodating for All Roofs: Many homes have unconventional roofing designs, making it difficult for other roofing materials to be cut and prepared for each slant and side of your roof. However, shingle roofing can be cut and installed more easily. Shingle roofing is also flexible and able to accommodate chimneys and other projections.

  • Easily Repairable: Roof shingles can be repaired and replaced individually, meaning that maintenance and repairs can be quick and affordable over the years. Shingle roofing also is algae-resistant, so roofing maintenance is less intensive.

Integrity Roof Services, Inc provides roof shingles and roofing installation services to homes and businesses in Bexley, Westerville, and Columbus, OH. Our experienced roofing contractors are knowledgeable in working with several types of roofing materials, using only high-quality roofing to ensure that your new roof lasts longer.

roof shingles

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Every home needs a roof that will endure challenging weather and many years to come. Hiring a professional residential and commercial roofing company ensures that your home will be protected with roof installations, repairs, and maintenance. Integrity Roof Services provides roof shingles and other types of roofing materials to residents and businesses in Columbus, Westerville, and Bexley, OH.  

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